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I’m Running the 2019 Silicon Valley Turkey Trot! Here’s Why You Should Too

If you read my blog describing that one year I joined my high school cross-country team, you may have been surprised to read the title of this blog. Yes, friends, I’m velcro-tightening my latest pair of barefoot running shoes, and hitting the road again to run in the 2019 Silicon Valley Turkey Trot. Here’s why you should too.

Support a Good Cause

The SVTT raises money for a variety of local causes, including the following.

  • Healthier Kids Foundation – an organization that provides health screenings, insurance coverage, and education to families who need it.
  • Second Harvest – an organization that provides a food bank, nutrition education, and meals to homeless individuals and families
  • the Housing Trust – working to create and maintain affordable housing in the Bay Area affordable
  • the Health Trust – provides services, grants, and advocacy in the areas of health and equality.

Improve Your Health

The benefits of running are numerous. As an outdoor, moderate to high impact sport, if you stick with a regular routine of running after the race, you may experience one or more of the following benefits:

  • Stronger bones
  • Increased endurance
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Boosted Mood
  • Weight Loss

Plus, if you run with a friend, loved one(s), or a group, you’ll gain the opportunity to strengthen your relationship. Research shows that you become happier when you spend more time with positive people.

Get Started on Your New Years’ Resolutions

If you read my blog regularly, chances are good that you’re either an active person or you want to be. If there’s a goal you want to achieve or a New Year’s Resolution you’ve set that involve moving more, a 5k is a good place to start! No pressure to run the entire course. You can walk, jog, or work some combination of the two!

Want to Run WITH me?

If you’re local to the Bay Area, California, Run the Turkey Trot with me! Click here to sign up while tickets last! Then post a comment below to let me know you’re in!

See you on the course! 😉


Not from the Bay Area? Every major city has it’s turkey day run! Let me know which one you’re rocking in the comments!