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Haters Gon Hate: When People Say Your Job Isn’t a “Real” Job

Not too long after I’d first become a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, I had a strange experience with an old friend. It’s 3:00PM on a Friday afternoon. We made plans to hit the beach for happy hour cocktails and he’s running several hours late. No text or call, presumably because of his busy schedule. Since I know he’s pretty flaky, I decide to go alone. It’s an hour long drive to the beach and if I get there early, I’ll have a nice view of the ocean from the bar patio.

As I’m driving, I get a call from you know who.

I pick up with my car’s bluetooth. “I already left.” I smiled. He is not amused. He huffs and haws trying to convince me to turn around. I won’t. “Sorry friend. The bus has left the station.”

“Some of us have to work real jobs in order to pay the bills,” he says.

I did a double take. Hater much? This was the first time I’d heard anyone say something like this about the work that I do and it surprised me. What I wanted to say was…

  1. I woke up at 5:00am to prepare for my day and show up for my 6:00am shift.
  2. I worked continuously without a break, serving 4 small group training sessions, 1 cardio class, responding to client emails, and making phone calls till 12:30.
  3. I do this same work 5 days a week then when I go home I plan, create, and schedule content for my blogs and social pages.

Instead, I said “Enjoy your day!” then hung up. Later that day, as I sat by the beach, sipping margaritas, I thought about it some more. I could see why my job might feel “unreal.” Getting out of work before 1:00pm on a Friday to hit the beach is one of the many perks many people never get to experience. But here’s the truth:

It is no mistake that I chose a career path that is both fulfilling for me spiritually and beneficial for my well being. I took the time to explore what I love, what I am good at, and what will ultimately pay the bills. I put in the WORK to find the path I am on now.

Being a fitness professional is physically demanding and can often be emotionally taxing too. I had to work at becoming an skilled, engaging instructor.

And I am so grateful to be able to say that I love what I do. I wish for everyone who is dissatisfied with their jobs to find a path that creates happiness, not only in their lives but in the lives of others too. But for now, I don’t fault anyone for feeling a little jealous. I’d be jealous too 😉 



Posted in Benefits & Perks, What It's Like to Be a Group Fitness Instructor

Group Fitness Instructor Perks

Sure, teaching fitness classes can be fun, but it takes work to be an engaging GFI. From getting hired for new classes and sub opportunities to skillfully handling embarrassing class moments, we’ve got our work cut out for us. Now, don’t let the challenges stear you away too quickly. There are some amazing group fitness instructor perks that you can take advantage of.

Ambassador, Brand Loyalty, & Partnership Discounts

If you’re seeking or already building a career in fitness, there’s a good chance you are a gear geek like the rest of us. Well, I’ve got news for you! You get discounts on many of the popular active-wear and equipment brands. Some of my favorites include:

  • Lululemon
  • Athleta
  • Victoria’s Secret Sportswear
  • Prana
  • Manduka
  • TRX (for those who’ve taken their professional training)

Certification companies also have a partnerships with a range of companies that provide insurance, continuing education, business software and services, and leisure activities.

Complimentary Gym Memberships

The exact policy depends on the studio you work for, but in most cases, having just one regular class on a fitness center’s schedule entitles you to a complimentary membership there. Your membership enables you to:

  • Schedule and attend classes
  • Use the locker room and any amenities
  • Work out on the gym floor
  • Attend member-only events
  • Bonus: Teachers also get a small discount on products and services.

Some gyms will give you these benefits simply for being on their sub list. The exception to both of these conditions is if you are working for a corporate site or luxury apartment fitness center. While you are welcome to use the locker rooms (if available), working out at their gym or taking classes is not allowed.

Work Out While You Work

While teaching fitness classes is not a magic pill to get in shape, it help you get fitter and stronger. This will depend largely on two things:

  1. The format you teach
  2. How many classes you teach per week

Those who teach cardio demonstrate throughout the class (as in step or dance fitness) will burn the most, while those who teach strength and demo occasionally will see some strength gains. You’ll notice the biggest difference when you first become a group fitness instructor. Just make sure to balance out the work you do in class with your own personal workouts and maintain healthy, sustainable eating habits (click here to find out more about how I help individuals develop better eating habits).

Is there a group fitness perk that I forgot to mention in this piece? Let me know in the comments below! Out of the ones I mentioned, what is your favorite?

Till next time,

Nadia 😉