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Top 5 Daily Tasks of a Certified Personal Trainer

Although I would love to say that we certified personal trainers are #livingthedream every hour of every workday, what we do IS after all our job. There are aspects of it that never thought of until I was all up in the grind. Since I want you to be prepared if/when you become a personal trainer, today I’m sharing the top 5 daily tasks of a certified personal trainer.

Recruiting Clients

Many entry level personal training jobs require that trainers find clients by “working the floor” of the gym. This means that if they see someone working out, they may offer suggestions on their form and a free session in the hopes of enticing them to buy a package or upgrade to a PT membership. It’s a right of passage for many beginning on the path to a solid fitness career.

Scheduling Sessions

Once you recruit clients, you must make sure that they are regularly scheduled to attend sessions with you. Most make this process seamless by using a third party scheduling software like MindBody or Pike13. They integrate directly with Google Calendar and iCal so you don’t have put in the legwork twice. Smart trainers book out all sessions in advance, ideally on the same days and times every week. It helps clients stay consist and makes it a lot easier for you to plan your schedule too.

Program Design

Because I’m a research and processes nerd, this is probably my favorite part of job. I get excited when I’m putting together new workouts, especially when I have the time and flexibility to be as creative as possible! Workouts are designed based on:

  • Client Goals
  • Client Abilities
  • The Tools/Equipment Available

I based my 15 Full Body Workouts on the equipment I had available to me at Equinox. Although I use it mainly to teach my most engaging group fitness class, Damage Control, I have often borrowed and cut the workouts down to use with 1:1 clients.

Training Sessions

Helping others achieve their goals through exercise is the reason many trainer hopefuls enter the field in the first place. Although the build up may be slow at first, many are able to build a full schedule of training clients, leading sessions 4-6 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. Session types may vary widely from delivering a 60 minute high intensity sweat session to providing tailored mobility work and myofascial release.

Pro Note: Contrary to what some may think, this DOES NOT involve working out with your client. Much of the work is demonstrating exercises and correcting our clients’ form.

This is where we get to really impact the lives of others, so it’s natural that this is a part of the job that trainers live for 💓

Follow Up

Last but not least, there is a lot of follow up to stay in touch with clients. This is to

  1. Check in after a tough session or a missed session
  2. Send between-session homework
  3. Share educational materials and nutrition plans
  4. Deliver program announcements

When you look at the range of tasks a personal trainer does, it’s easy to see why many in the field are beginning to use the title Fitness Coach. Our work involves so much more than just training sessions. We coach people on how to improve their lives, one workout or meal at a time.



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