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How to Rock Your Group Fitness Audition

Auditioning is an essential part of being a fitness instructor, especially if you’re just starting out. A group fitness audition gives managers and lead teachers the opportunity to see your personality and your skill level when it comes to organizing a class, cueing movements, assisting students, and keeping them engaged. It’s all the gateway that will get you on a studio or gym’s sub list and eventually land you a class on the schedule. Here’s how to rock your group fitness audition so you have GMs begging you to join their team.

Know the Guidelines

Each studio has it’s own way of conducting auditions. Make sure you’re clear on what each gym expects from you well before your audition date. Guidelines include:

  • How long you are expected to teach.
  • What they would like you to focus on. For example, do they expect a warmup or should you jump right into the a main workout?
  • Will you be alone or will you be auditioning with other instructors?

If your contact person at the studio doesn’t share this information right away, reach out via email or give them a call and ask. This may even give you a leg up during your audition for doing your due diligence.

Plan & Practice Your Routine

It can’t be said enough. Preparation is a key aspect of being a successful and engaging group fitness instructor. The more familiar you are with the workout you are delivering, the more confident and grounded you will feel. So make sure to:

  • Write out your workout at least 1 day before. I recommend up to a week for brand new instructors (more for choreographed formats like dance).
  • Practice going through the movements and cueing out loud. If possible, recruit a loved one or a friend to join you and give you feedback. If that’s not possible, film yourself. You’ll have a good idea of what you look like to others that way.
  • Adjust your workout based on feedback. Ask your friends for feedback or watch your video to see which areas are working well and which ones need improvement. Then practice again to dial it in.

Pro Tip: For seasoned instructors, choose a workout you have already delivered and know well. When I do this, I NAIL the audition 99% of the time 😉

Walk In with a Energy & Positivity

Research shows that it takes a few seconds to form a first impression. And in the group fitness sphere, the stakes are higher. Group fitness instructors are often the main line of connection between students and their fitness centers, which is why we must bring enthusiasm, optimism, and confidence to every class we teach. It’s easy to get caught in audition day nerves. My suggestions:

  1. Plan to arrive early. Nothing adds to your nerves more than rushing into the studio at the last minute for an interview or worst, being late. Allow yourself an extra 15 minutes to arrive, find out where you’re supposed to be, and sit for a few minutes. You can also use this time to review your audition set.
  2. Listen to music that pumps you up on the way. On your commute, tune into a playlist that lights your inner fire and makes you feel like a winner! If you don’t have one yet, make one. Or feel free to use one of my playlists (PS – Body Challenge 10 is my fav!).
  3. Remind yourself that you KNOW the workout. All you have to do is deliver it, just like any other day.

Have Fun

When it’s all said and done, don’t forget that one of the reasons you’re in this biz is because you enjoy sharing your love of fitness with other people. When you think about it that way, the audition is simply a means to you gaining access to fulfilling your personal mission as a group fitness instructor and living the dream by getting paid for it!

Best of luck to you if you have an audition coming up! If you need any additional pointers, leave a comment below! Also, make sure to LIKE my Facebook Page and head over to the fitness, nutrition, and wellness goals community group where I post a ton of content that will help you feel healthier, happier, and stronger.

Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be Well.


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