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How Much Do Group Fitness Instructors Make?

If you’re serious about becoming a group fitness instructor, you probably also want to make sure that you’re getting paid well. So the obvious questions is, how much do group fitness instructors make?

Typical Hourly Pay

Based on my research, as well as my experience with a variety of gyms and studios. The typical hourly wage for a group fitness instructor can range anywhere from $18 to $60 dollars an hour, generally speaking, with new instructors on the low end and seasoned instructors on the higher end. Starting pay at a new studio can also range depending on:

  • The type of company. Community centers tend to cap their offers at $40/hr while high end gyms and third party companies that hire for corporate sites are willing to go up to $55 or $60.
  • Your level experience and expertise. Experience talks. If hiring managers see that you have held positions at reputable companies, for extended lengths of service, they will offer more. That’s why it is SO important to gain experience teaching as soon as possible! If you have less than a year, there are no guarantees, unless you completely blow them away with your audition.

Group Fitness Salaries

To be perfectly honest, many group fitness instructors work part time in the field and have full time jobs elsewhere. The ones who work “full time” (30 hours a week or more) get hired to teach at multiple places. That means, most instructors are not on salary. The exception is administrators, who also teach classes. That may include:

  • The studio owner
  • The general manager
  • The group fitness and personal training managers
  • Personal trainers

These positions are often obtained after years of successful service in the field of fitness. With some legwork, it IS possible to build up your class schedule, so that you’re making a decent living.

Calculate Your Expected Salary

To calculate your expected salary, use this simple calculation.

  • # of classes/week x expected hourly pay = weekly pay
  • weekly pay x 4 = gross monthly pay
  • monthly pay x 12 = gross annual salary

I’m no math wiz, but this will give you a rough estimate of what you should expect to earn as a group fitness instructor.

Private Classes & Clients

Instructors have the potential to earn more by taking on private classes at corporate sites, which can pay up to $80/hr or by serving 1:1 sessions with students. If you’re going to go this route, make sure to have the right credentials, so you’re able to keep sessions safe and effective for clients.

Be Strategic with Your Fitness Career

In the end, what you make as a group fitness instructor will depend on the types of jobs you apply for, the energy you put into getting them, and your ability to keep classes engaging and fun. So whether this is your side-hustle or your main gig, put enough effort into it, and you can make a great living teaching group fitness classes.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! What do you think about the hourly rate/salary opportunities for group fitness instructors? Let me know in the comments!


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